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Cox Technique

Spinal conditions can affect your daily life. They can impede your range of motion and cause pain. If you suffer from spinal pain, neck pain, or back pain, the Cox Technique can help you. The procedure can relieve your pain and restore your quality of life. East-West Chiropractic offers the Cox Technique in Groton. Our expert staff can help you manage spinal conditions with this procedure.


What Is the Cox Technique?

Cox Technique (the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique) is a gentle, non-force manipulation procedure that helps the spine heal naturally. It combines the principles of osteopathy and chiropractic to relieve spinal issues. It was specifically designed by Dr. Cox to treat disc injuries, sciatica and radiating nerve pain coming from cervical or lumbar spines.

Cox Technique decompresses the spine by applying gentle traction or stretching to the lower spine. A chiropractor performs this treatment on a unique table with moving components that separate your spine's parts well.

The gentle pressure and the special table uses decompression and flexion-distraction to enhance the disc height between vertebrae. This action decompresses the spinal column and restores the spinal joints to their proper range of motion and alignment.

The chiropractor can modify the different parts of the table to neutralize gravity's effects and apply gentle pressure on the affected regions as they move through a range of motion. Movements are often slow and repetitive, without undue pressure or quick thrusts.

The Benefits of the Cox Technique

Cox Technique can help with these conditions.

  1. It can lower the pressure within the disc.
  2. The technique can widen your spinal canal.
  3. It can improve one's range of motion in arms, legs, spinal joints, and shoulders.
  4. The technique can improve posture.
  5. It can lower spinal nerves' pressure.
  6. The technique can improve nerve communication.

Patients in rehabilitation or those recovering from spinal surgery can use this technique because it is a gentle, non-force procedure. Many patients report that the process is pleasant, relaxing, and pain-free.

Once you visit the chiropractor, they will examine your condition to determine whether this procedure can help you. You can avoid surgery if they deem this technique adequate to treat your condition. Your chiropractor will perform this treatment without inflicting any pain or discomfort.

Let the Experts in Groton Perform Cox Technique to Treat Your Condition

East-West Chiropractic offers chiropractic treatments to the residents of Groton and the neighboring areas. We provide expert, personalized services to help with various conditions, such as spinal pain, neck pain, and motion issues.

Our team, led by Dr. Deveau, strives to offer the best care to our patients. Once you visit us, we will examine your condition and medical history to determine the best course of treatment. Our care will ensure you are back to full fitness in no time. Visit us today for the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique to manage spinal conditions.